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Get To Know Us

Welcome to Nørlo Outdoor, the home of sustainable adventurewear.

A dream that has been years in the making. 

The founders of Nørlo Outdoor, Norton and Emmie, stood smiling at oneanother by a river. There are stepping stones in the background, both are wearing Nørlo Outdoor Alpaca Wool beanie hats.

Our story began right here in Lancashire, amidst the breath-taking scenery of the Pennine Moors. We'd spend hours soaking in the beauty of these moors, often struck by a shared feeling – an irresistible urge to preserve this beauty for generations to come.

Fuelled by this urge, we set about creating an outdoor brand with a conscience. A brand that doesn't compromise the environment for style and vice versa. And thus, over a long walk, Nørlo was born.

As avid adventurers, we understand the need for durable, stylish gear that can weather any storm. However, we are starkly aware of the environmental toll of conventional outdoor clothing. With this in mind, we set out to redefine traditional outdoor gear.

Every piece of Nørlo apparel is a testament to this mission, crafted from biodegradable and planet-friendly materials. We have shunned all synthetic materials in favour of truly sustainable alternatives. What's more, we proudly manufacture all our pieces right here in the UK, keeping our community employed and our carbon emissions as low as possible.

We’re thrilled to have you on board. 

Norton & Emmie